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Online Shopping

Our online shopping platform was created for clients in Nigeria, who wish to shop online from UK and US stores but are unable to because of credit card issues. We noticed that not all the stores in UK accept our Nigerian cards, and this can sometimes make shopping frustrating. We have devised a way for Nigerian residents to overcome this challenge.


All our clients need to do is follow these 3 easy steps below:

  1. Search for the items they wish to purchase from any online store either in the US or UK.

  2. Complete the Order Form stating the items with the sizes, colours and quantities where applicable.

  3. An invoice will be sent to you and as soon as payment is made, the items will be purchased.


When the items arrive Nigeria, they are weighed and the clients are advised on the fee to pay before collection.


The total cost on the invoice does not include the delivery fee to Nigeria. The international shipping fee to Nigeria is determined when the items arrive Nigeria and are weighed at our office.


We have a variety of payment options to make life easy for clients. Payments can be made either electronically or cash paid in the bank or at our office: whichever is convenient for the client.




The clients pay the same price as seen online in stores. We only charge a service fee of 10% of the total cost of items purchased from UK and 15% of the total cost of items purchased in US.  This service charge only applies to items purchased by Mytp3 on behalf of the clients.




Delivery categories start taking effect from when the items are delivered at our UK address. We have various delivery options to Nigeria.

UK Express Delivery (£10/kg)

 Duration: 3 – 7 working days

UK Standard Delivery (£5.50/kg)

Duration : 14 – 21 working days

US Standard Delivery ($6.50/LBS)

Duration : 14 – 21 working days

A minimum of 5LBS is charged for US items and the delivery cost of the items can be determined either by weight or volume depending on which is higher.

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