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My-tp3 is an online shopping platform based in Nigeria. We offer our clients the opportunity to shop from any store in the UK and US and have their goods delivered to them at the comfort of their homes. Our mission is to ensure that distance and international boundaries do not limit our clients' lifestyle choices. 


Most UK/US retailers will not ship internationally; those that do, charge very high shipping rates. At My-tp3, we render hassle free services that allow our clients to benefit from shopping the same merchandise selection, at the same pricing, and sales discounts with UK/US residents whilst eliminating the hurdles encountered when shopping abroad. 


We are also aware that most Nigerian residents intend to bring into Nigeria their already packed purchases, so we also offer fast and affordable cargo services to our customers all over Nigeria.


The most rewarding part of our business is truly connecting with our clients, which has made us extend our services beyond cargo and online shopping. 


We are proud of the trust and loyalty that we have built with our customers over the years, resulting to majority of our clients being through referrals.









Meet Our Team

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